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“This nature, the thunder and lightning of the transformation of thunder plunder, is the real thunder of heaven. How can the ordinary prohibition of the human world be resisted?”. By the way, I had a favor to give to my Taoist friends during the robbery. The demon seemed to remember something and suddenly said with a flash of light in his eyes. Benefits? Han Liwen was surprised. Yes, this is a well-known thing in the spirit world. But in the lower world, I’m afraid few people know about it. Tiantao holy beast Hei Hei smiled, and suddenly his lips moved slightly. Han Li listened suspiciously, but his face gradually became surprised, and finally he became excited. If this is true, it is indeed a rare opportunity. Han Mou just carries this kind of instrument on his body, so he can try it. Han Li nodded. Haha, of course, there will be no fake. But Daoyou should seize the good opportunity to make a move again, otherwise if something goes wrong, it will not be beautiful. The demon’s last breath froze and he woke up and said. Please rest assured that Han Mou has a sense of propriety in his heart! Han Li replied with a smile. I think Han Daoyou is not the kind of bold person, that old man this attracted day thunder, ready to spend the robbery. “Well, if I hadn’t been proficient in some secret techniques of concealment, I’m afraid that as soon as I came out of the tripod, the transformation of thunder robbery would have come to me immediately.” The sacred beast of Tianyou sighed, then floated up without wind, and slowly flew high into the sky. Han Li in the heart a Rin,aluminium edge trim, without a word into a blue rainbow, after a flash out of the law array. Then his eyes flashed blue, and through the heavy white fog, he gazed intently at the actions of the demon below. The monster in the white fog rose to a height of more than thirty feet above the ground and stopped fluttering. Instead, he raised his head and took a deep look at the higher sky. Suddenly, there was a sound of stuffiness in his nose. Suddenly, the blue light on his body flashed wildly. At the same time, a gray demon wind rose out of thin air nearby,stainless steel tile edging, which drowned the demon in it. When Han Li saw this, his expression moved. But immediately, an earth-shaking roar came from the demon wind in China, a powerful demon gas rose from the wind, faintly, the beast in the wind seems to have performed some secret art, so that the body soared. This demon has completely revealed the evil spirit of the eight-level monster. In just one breath, there was a thunderbolt in the cloudless sky, and then there was a sudden gale within a radius of thousands of miles, and dark clouds emerged out of thin air. The whole sky turned black in a twinkling of an eye, and it rained heavily in the thunder. Han Li saw this scene, the mouth can not help but be amazed. As far as he knew, this desolate place, known as the land of death, had always been unusually dry, stainless steel edging strip ,metal trim manufacturers, and even if it did not rain for decades, it was a common thing. Now, as soon as this Tianlan demon beast releases its evil spirit, it immediately attracts such a big celestial phenomenon. It seems that this demon’s transformation of thunder robbery is really no small matter. Han Li thought so in his heart. The dark clouds in the nearby sky suddenly rolled violently, and a thick arc of arms emerged from the clouds, and every flash sent out an amazing rumbling thunder. A huge flash of lightning took shape faintly. Han Li pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes slightly. Just then, the monster in the lower array also roared loudly. In the same amazing whistling sound, the power of the gray demon wind rose several times, and it turned into a gray-white hurricane shaking straight up, as if to rush directly into the dark clouds, breaking all the clouds of thunder and lightning. (Second watch to be continued) Chapter 1188 serial thunder. With a loud bang, an arc like a giant sword came from the depths of the dark clouds and hit the top of the demon wind. With a flash of silver light, the grey-white demon wind trembled and was cut open directly from the middle. Both disappeared into the void at the same time. The figure of the monster with the head of the ox and the body of the Jiao appeared in the low altitude below. Its lower part of the body is now coiled into a ball, and the shape is somewhat different from the original, with a pair of purple wings and two strong green arms on both sides of the body. Han Li looked at it for a long time and saw that the demon looked like the spirit beast of heaven and earth in the rumor. At this time, the holy beast of Tianlan stared at the great arc looming in the sky, and a pair of new fleshy wings appeared behind it, shaking gently. Every time it was fanned, a group of grey spirits suddenly appeared nearby, and in a twinkling of an eye, the beast was completely wrapped in it.
The thunder in the sky finally dense to a degree of no return, in the deafening thunder, a foot of the arc, from the power grid one after another fell under the cloth, unexpectedly more than ten miles range all shrouded in thunder and lightning, a side of the emperor watching Han Li can not be spared. Han Li sighed lightly, and as soon as he pinched his hands, there was a deep thunder on his body, and a layer of golden electric fence appeared eerily, and then it swelled around and turned into a huge golden net to protect Han Li under it. The electric arc in the air hit the net, bursting out of gold and silver, but then disappeared in a flash, and the gold trembled safely. But Han Li did not care about the matter of moving forward, but squinted at the group of gray evil spirit not far away. Although he was involved in the lightning strike in the air, but most of the arc or rush to the middle of the law array of Tianlan holy beast, with this demon as the center of that area, the density of the silver arc falling is more than a few on Han Li’s side. Han Li’s eyes were clear and bright, and what he could see was that the gray demon was drowned by the silver light, and the thunder was as dense as rain, which could not be avoided at all. Han Li’s face was expressionless, but he was a little surprised. Speaking of the thunder robbery, he had seen it once in the chaotic star sea, but the tortoise demon that had ordered his hand did not have such a big momentum, and at that time the tortoise demon had already reached the final stage of the robbery, and this Tianlan beast was just so amazing at the beginning, but in the final stage, it was incredible. Could it be that every monster is completely different from each other in terms of its bearing. Speaking of it, the secret of the robbery of the demon clan, the human world really did not take away the books and records of the account book,aluminium tile trim profiles, and what was said was also mentioned in a hurry. There was nothing strange about it. The thunder robbery was only experienced by the monster beast, and it had little to do with the monks of the human clan. Naturally, it was rarely recorded in the human books and records. jecatrims.com

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