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Gu Weinian shook his head and said, It’s not convenient. Can we also get a two-driver carriage? That’s too eye-catching. But if you drive a carriage alone, there will be one more horse. I don’t know how to drive, so I must let Brother Xue come. What about the remaining horse? Small sample, finally can not help it! Obviously, he wanted to find out more than she did. She didn’t agree to go back to buy things this time. “Just sell the extra horses,” said Xue Shaohe, “and use the money to buy a chariot.” What a way to save money! On the other hand, why did he take Gu Weinian to Chongcang Palace so conscientiously and dutifully? Xue Shaohe has asked himself this question countless times! Although he was a bodyguard, since he had taken the dart, it was his duty. But now that he clearly likes this girl, why does he want to send her to another man? Xue Shaohe deeply despised himself. But she was so insistent that he was embarrassed to break his promise. I can only do that first. Sooner or later, she will change her story! When the time comes, he can be fair and aboveboard not to send her to Chongcang Palace. Gu Weinian took a funny look at Xue Shaohe and said, “Even if Brother Xue said these things must be bought, it’s all right. We’ll buy them in the next town.”. The town just now is too strange. It’s important to be safe. Xue Shaohe looked at Gu Weinian and sighed: “Yes.”. Without you, I would go and have a look. Since you are here,cosmetic tube packaging, your safety is still important. If you don’t go, don’t go. Xue Shaohe did not insist on returning to the town, and Gu Weinian felt disappointed. When she wanted to wait for him to make excuses again, she agreed. After thinking about it, Gu Weinian smiled with relief: “Brother Xue doesn’t have to worry too much about that small town.”. Maybe the people in the town have something to do temporarily and are not at home. Maybe they have a ‘presbytery’ kind of place, and their presbytery calls everyone together at the last minute, so there’s no one in town. “That’s not possible,empty cosmetic tubes,” said Xue Shaohe. “Why?” “What do you think of the buildings in that small town?” Asked Xue Shaohe. It’s nice and new. As we have just seen, the houses in that small town have only been built in the past few years, and they should not be more than ten years old. “Good eyesight,” said Xue Shaohe. This town should have emerged in the past few years. I came here many years ago, when there was only a large area of weeds, but now there is not only a small town, but also a cultivated farmland around the town. “There’s nothing strange about that,” said Gu Weinian. The land of Daxia Dynasty has been looted by war for too long. Clearly beautiful mountains and rivers, but everywhere crying blood, the most miserable time, in addition to a few prosperous commercial cities since ancient times, the rest of the region, cosmetic tube ,pump tube, common roadside has frozen to death, starved to death and died of illness. Once the year is not good and the harvest is not good, even bones can be seen on the roadside in the affected areas. Almost all the wealth accumulated in previous Dynasties has been exhausted. After the founding of Daxia, except for a small number of prefectures, which can still be called densely populated, most areas are sparsely populated. The vast fields, fertile land, deep mineral resources, abundant water and grass and forests urgently need to be reclaimed and exploited by the hard-working people. Frontier garrison also can’t only rely on the army, today’s big summer really don’t have that national strength. In addition to the border trouble, Daxia’s treasury and grain depots are also in urgent need of filling. For this reason, Tai and Zu had promulgated many preferential policies before their death, encouraging people to migrate to better areas or border areas to seek a way out, even at the expense of forced immigration. The immigration policy of Daxia has been implemented for more than ten years. Forced to leave their homes, the people found that other places are not necessarily unhappy, and gradually accepted. Other people were also motivated to migrate independently. As a result, there were many new cities and villages in the Xia Dynasty, and there were more and more signs. Therefore, it is not surprising that Gu Weinian suddenly appeared in such a small town which is not very old. The only strange thing about this town is that it is relatively rich. This kind of affluence is not commensurate with the location of the town. Xue Shaohe said, “This is really not surprising, but why does the newly formed town have its own Council of elders?”? They usually obey the local government. Gu Weinian was about to speak when he heard a bell ringing. It sounded like the sound of many brass bells and the faint sound of hooves.
Gu Weinian immediately became nervous and said, “Is there a horse team?” “Don’t be nervous,” said Xue Shaohe with a lazy smile. The procession was moving very slowly, and the horses had bells around their necks. It’s obviously not the horse team of the gigolo. The gigolo he said is naturally Gu Xing. Xue Shaohe’s judgment is right, a horse team soon appeared in the distance, the team walked slowly, it seems that there is no hurry. Most of the horses were not carrying people on their backs, but were carrying goods like hills. Only a small number of horses were carrying people, and there were not many people on horseback, most of whom followed the horses on foot. It seemed to be a caravan of about two hundred horses and dozens of people. Such caravans are not uncommon in Daxia. In the new towns and villages established by the immigrants, cotton cloth, medicinal materials, farm tools and so on were in short supply. In order to make a living, some people spontaneously go to various immigration areas to sell goods, while others set up businesses in the immigration areas and travel between the two places all the year round. Because of the long distance and dangerous process, most businessmen will go on the road with other businessmen from their hometown and form caravans. Since it was a caravan, Xue Shaohe and Gu Weinian did not take it to heart and sat by the roadside eating dry food and drinking clear water. When the two of them had finished eating quickly, the caravan came near. Xue Shaohe and Gu Weinian were far away, so as not to block the way of other people’s horses. The leader of the caravan said to everyone, “Pumpkin Town is here. Let’s take a short rest in the town and continue to set out in the afternoon.” The people who accompanied him showed joy on their tired faces. So that town is called Pumpkin Town! Gu Weinian couldn’t hold back for a moment and asked,plastic packing tube, “I dare to ask this elder brother, where are you going to do business?” The leader looked at her curiously and saw that she was a girl of sixteen or seventeen years old, so he was not on guard: “Northwest.” “Do you often come here?” “I’ve been walking a lot these years.” How many caravans come and go on this road? Are you all resting in the pumpkin town ahead? 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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