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Nurse Manager CLA Philadelphia PA

PATH People Acting To Help, Inc.  Anywhere 23 May 2021

Job Description

Nurse Manager, CLA

Philadelphia, PA

To promote the mission of PATH to help individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life by
managing an effective team to provide quality services to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Responsible for meeting the health care needs of individuals served in PATH’s Residential Programs.


Registered Nursing Degree; At least two years of increasingly responsible administrative, supervisory, or clinical experience in services to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, or any appropriate combination; Must possess a Driver’s License and personal vehicle/use of own vehicle; Excellent clinical and interpersonal skills, excellent writing, analytical and presentation skills. Thorough knowledge of Nursing Field and Best Practices in community care, inclusion, diversity, and civility in the care of patients, and in working with other professionals.


1. Supervise Nurses, Health Care Assistants, and HCU Secretary in assuring the effective operation of the unit and that the clients’ health is maintained.

2. Develop SOPs and maintain an approved up-to-date SOP manual for the CLA Department’s HCU.

3. Act as an advocate for client needs, especially health care issues.

4. Assure that all medical/dental/psychiatric treatment care and follow-ups are scheduled in coordination with CLA staff, and that necessary information accompanies the individual to that appointment and health care orders and recommendations are implemented.

5. Train staff who are responsible for accompanying individuals to their medical/dental/psychiatric appointments to assure coordination and continuity of care, as well as, what questions to ask during examinations in order to maximize medical care.

6. Assure that all Medical History Summaries, Initial Lifetime History and summaries thereafter for individuals are updated as needed, including an annual review.

7. Continue to implement the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST), train staff to maintain the system and monitor the system.

8. Assure that the HCU interprets and enforces standards of care as established by the provider of service and regulatory agencies.

9. Assist agency administration in the development of quality assurance assessment procedures that will assure staff’s compliance to standards for quality health care and safety.

10. Develop health plans for individuals whose health status is such that a plan is indicated and train staff to implement Health Promotion Activities Plan.

11. Identify staff training needs as they relate to consumer health and safety and provide staff training, utilizing existing training resources and developing training modules, as necessary.

12. Drive agency vehicles for programmatic reasons on an as needed basis.

13. Assure 24 hour nursing on call coverage and maintain on call medical information book up to date.

14. Ensure monthly team medications are received and checked in a timely manner.

15. Assure that hospitalized or nursing home individuals are visited by nursing staff as required by admission diagnoses and that all hospital staff; nurses, physicians, aides are informed of individual’s needs and that contact information on the individual is provided upon his/her admission.

a. Communicate all ongoing hospital stay activities to the Team as needed.

b. Discuss with the discharge planner of the hospital, the individual’s needs prior to being discharged and help facilitate his/her needs so that an easy transition is completed.

c. Educate staff on any new diagnosis, therapies, and treatment. Arrange with hospital, if needed, to train staff prior to individual’s discharge

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