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Little Marquis, now we are alone, and your ability is the highest. Or you tell us what we should do next, “said Bloody Clothes Hou.”. Although his official position was high, his martial arts cultivation was not as good as that of Fang Gong. As you can see, I can’t kill the elder of the Ghost King Sect with the power of eight flying dragons using the method of earth change. Gui Wang Zong is not the strongest among all the factions. I don’t know how many sect elders have come in now. We are still not strong enough to see, so the most urgent thing is to gather as many people as possible. And then it’s not too late to explore this place. Yin Weiliang hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth and said, “I inherit the orthodoxy of the ancient Shenxing Sect, and the method of Shenxing is the best in the world.”. But I was just chased by the elder of the Ghost King Sect, and I didn’t see the end of this space for more than ten miles. I’m afraid there’s a lot of fog in this area and we’re going to starve to death before we get out of this area. What Yin Weiliang said is a big truth. Even if a warrior is not an immortal, he has to eat. Although the ability of strong people like them to starve is far greater than that of ordinary people. If you don’t eat for five days, you will never starve to death. But after all, there is a limit. If you pass this limit,phycocyanin spirulina, you will starve to death. Bloody clothes Hou Chuan Yan Mu Lu thought and kept silent. There is no need to worry about this for the time being. “Fang Gong waved his hand and I had some food on me.”. Enough to hold us together for a while. It is Fang Gong’s consistent strategy to plan ahead and then act. He has developed the habit of putting this food in the space bag since he put a lot of steamed buns-roast goose and other things in the space bag in order to rush to the wilderness after the heavy snow and ice. This kind of thing is rarely used in a year. But if you really want to use the core, it is of great use, and it is worth it. And just a few things in the space bag will not take up space and will not deteriorate. Hearing what Fang Gong said, both of them were relieved. Fang Gong did not tell them that there was not much food in the space bag, which was only enough to support people for ten days at most. This kind of thing would only hurt morale. So he didn’t say. Yin Weiliang only saw the problem of a bite of food,rosmarinic acid supplement, but Fang Gong saw much farther than they did. I don’t know how heavy the fog is here. And the passage is one-way, only in and out. It is impossible to return along the original road like the general treasure land. If you want to leave this place, you have to find another exit. Fang Yun looked up at the gray sky with a worried look in his eyes. Now he is facing the problem of survival before he sees the harvest. Fang Yun always feels that this place is not as simple as many people think. Cousin, hold on. Now you can only rely on yourself for the time being. Fang Gong withdrew his eyes and said, “Let’s go.” A dark ghost smoke flew through the fog, bringing up the sound of the wind. Elder, is the fierce beast just now the little Marquis who is rumored to be the number one in the list of sects? For a long time, a voice came from the ghost smoke. Wimpy. The cooked duck flew away halfway and was killed by a ferocious beast to run away. The elder of the Ghost King Sect already felt humiliated enough in front of his disciples. At this time, he listened to the disciple who did not mention the pot. Fang Wan immediately turned livid and threw the disciple out of the ghost smoke with a wave of his big sleeve. The disciple of Gui Wang Zong immediately kept silent and no longer dared to mention it. It’s much quieter at last. Instantly suppressed a group of disciples, best green coffee bean extract ,pumpkin seed extract, ‘the Ghost King Elder immediately felt proud and elated a lot, at least no one dared to mention that just now. At this moment, a disciple of Gui Wang Zong suddenly heard a hoarse cold hum in his ears. Here comes another batch of fresh fish. At the same time, a terrible smell of death suddenly burst out, and the fog that had filled the air suddenly became dark. Just listen to the top of the head with a bang, the fog separated, and a big white hand with a clear color fell from the sky to cover a disciple of the Ghost King Sect. () Ming Zong saw this big hand. The elder of the Ghost King Zong’s face turned pale and a frightened scream came out of his mouth, as if a mouse had met a cat. “At the critical moment, the elder of the Ghost King Zong once again offered a dark claw-shaped instrument. The spirit of the claw-shaped instrument rose tens of times, and he grabbed it up with a ghost wind.”. At the same time, several core disciples of the Ghost King Sect also shouted out a series of attacks. I saw a ghost smoke straight to the top of the ghost smoke in the ghost soldiers will be countless one by one wear strong hold sharp roar cull.
The roar was not as loud as I had imagined. This was like an innocent giant hand stretched out in the nether world. It was just a catch of all the ghost smoke. It was like a bird throwing itself into the forest. There was no eight in this giant hand. The ghost king’s claw was also absorbed by the blue and white giant hand and turned into a fist and fell down. Elder Wang Zong’s face was full of fear, and his eyes were wide open. He bit the tip of his tongue fiercely, and his roar turned into a black light and immediately displayed the shield shape of the ghost guard, “to escape.”. This time he didn’t even have time to bring a bunch of disciples. Hum, can you escape from me. The hoarse voice came out again in the dark. Just listen to the sound of “bang”, an invisible force banned this space. The elder of the Ghost King Sect was disturbed by this force and immediately paused in the air. It was such a big blue and white hand that brushed the elder of the Ghost King Sect. His body immediately stiffened and fell directly like a stone. He was motionless and had no breath at all. He was dead. Bang, bang, bang. At the same time, several other disciples of the ghost King Sect also fell from the air. Move or not. As soon as the disciple of the Ghost King Sect died, the fog around him turned from black to white. The air parted in the sky and a pale young man fell slowly with his hands behind his back. The young man’s eyes were very proud, and he was dressed in a blue shock robe, but it was not embroidered with the emperor dragon and Ruiwan, but with the black dragon and black inflammation. This young man is like the emperor n in the kingdom of the dead. Black impermanence took these people of the Ghost King Sect and made them into puppets. The Prince of Hades glanced at several dead bodies on the ground and said coldly. It’s the prince. Behind the Prince of Hades, Black Impermanent, dressed in a black robe and hat, stepped out. I don’t know what kind of skill he used, but with a wave of his big hand, he immediately sent out a blue ghost gas, which was clear green and green with a strong dead gas and corpse gas. It was just a roll that immediately put the eight ghost kings in the eight pockets and then disappeared in the eight sleeves. Prince, there is also a ground element instrument here. Suddenly,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, his eyes swept over the ghost king’s claws on the ground, and his black and impermanent eyes fluctuated. The Prince of Hades stood with his hands on his back and looked at the wave on his face in front of him. He didn’t even look at the ghost claw, as if it were a waste. I gave it to you. Then he took a step at his feet and immediately went forward. prius-biotech.com

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